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Book cover of "Let's go nuts" by Estella Schweizer

Let's go nuts!
The go-to cookbook for nuts and seeds

“The Nut Cookbook” was published in March 2022 in cooperation with Winfried Heinze, his agency b.lateral at Lake Constance and the PRESTEL Verlag.

As stated in the name, it’s all about the nut!
And in each regard: Ecologically, economically and socially.
We cook delicious, healthy and vegan.

But that's not all! Nuts protect the climate, safeguard livelihoods and preserve rainforests. Curious?

What to expect:

  • 80 recipes for cooking and baking with nuts
  • 13 nut factsheets on the nutritional physiology as well as ecological, economic and social backgrounds of each nut
  • Creative regional plant-based cuisine with that crunchy extra kick
  • The recipes are all gluten-free convertible
  • A cookbook that encourages the rediscovery of nuts in modern everyday cooking
Estella Schweizer splitting a fennel bulb

Plant-based meals &
menu composition

As consultant for the foodservice and catering industry, I help caterers and restaurants implement vegan and gluten-free cuisine.
My focus: healthy and climate-neutral recipes for allergy sufferers, food trendsetters, environmentalists, health-conscious people and anyone who wants to become one.

Estella Schweizer at an espresso stopover with the Vespa
Two healthy and delicious smoothies on a tray

Food News
are good news

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