(only available in German)

Crispy pizza with a melted cheese crust, fragrant pasta in a hearty Bolognese sauce, tiramisu with a fluffy, light mascarpone cream ... When we think of Italian food, we all dream of this.

But while Italian cuisine, with all its fresh vegetables, can easily conjure up vegetarian delicacies, purely plant-based versions often lack that special flare. We wanted to put an end to this! We’ve researched our favorite Italian recipes and discovered all kinds of great things, from antipasti to zabaglione. 
We created Veganissimo without any animal products and are pleased to share these classics “a-la-vegana” with you. Prego!

In this new cooking book of Cucina Italiana vegana you will find:

  • Over 80 Mediterranean recipes that taste as authentic as they do in Italy!
  • Recipes for no-dairy homemade cheese: mozzarella, parmesan, ricotta and more

  • Detailed basics about Italian food culture and its ingredients
  • The whole variety of Italian cuisine: from antipasti to homemade pasta
and pizza, to warming soups, oven dishes and sweet dolci!

With over 200 pages, you will learn the secrets of the "cucina vegana" - from 
homemade pizza with vegan cheese, fluffy focaccia and refreshing bruschetta, to hearty oven dishes such as cannelloni with spinach filling or parmigiana alle melanzane (eggplant casserole). And don’t worry, we kept the most popular classics of Italian cuisine including minestrone, lasagne, spaghetti carbonara, vitello tonnato and many more! 

Be sure to also try special pasta creations like the beet ravioli with almond
ricotta and amarettini or gluten-free chestnut pasta. And of course, a sweet finish is a must: Tiramisu completely without eggs and dairy products is not only feasible, but also incredibly delicious! Chocolate parfait, crispy cantuccini or the classic panna cotta round off every menu and make sweet hearts beat faster. 
So what are you waiting for?

The world of Mediterranean delights is open to you: buon appetito!

Auf über 200 Seiten lernst du die Geheimnisse der „cucina vegana“ kennen – von selbst gemachter Pizza mit veganem Käse, fluffiger Focaccia und erfrischenden Bruschetta über deftige Ofengerichte wie Cannelloni mit Spinat-Füllung oder Parmigiana alle melanzane (Auberginenauflauf) bis hin zu den beliebtesten Klassikern der italienischen Küche wie Minestrone, Lasagne, Spaghetti Carbonara, Vitello tonnato und viele mehr!

Kochen für die Zukunft
(only available in German)

In cooperation with Winfried Heinze, his agency b.lateral at Lake Constance and Südwest Verlag, this book will be published in July 2023 - a unique kind of climate cookbook. Well-fed with carefully researched data from Eaternity and numerous climate facts for everyday cooking, this cookbook provides us with plenty of everyday recipes and related food know-how.

We will cook delicious, climate-friendly and creative meals for the whole year and learn to make competent decisions when shopping, eating out and cooking at home. Because each of us can make an immediate contribution to climate protection - every meal counts! And much more than you might think. Let's eat the world better!

What you can expect in this book:

  • Over 90 recipes for climate-friendly cooking at home
  • Easy-to-understand factual knowledge about the connections between eating habits and our ecological footprint
  • Simple basic recipes for dips, creams, toppings, zero waste know-how and everyday fillers.
  • Creative regional plant-based cuisine with the extra power of plant protein
  • The recipes are all gluten-free convertible

👉 This cookbook is a must-have in every kitchen.

Book cover of "Let's go nuts" by Estella Schweizer

Let's go nuts!
The go-to cookbook for nuts and seeds

“The Nut Cookbook” was published in March 2022 in cooperation with Winfried Heinze, his agency b.lateral at Lake Constance and the PRESTEL Verlag.

As stated in the name, it’s all about the nut!
And in each regard: Ecologically, economically and socially.
We cook delicious, healthy and vegan.

But that's not all! Nuts protect the climate, safeguard livelihoods and preserve rainforests. Curious?

What to expect:

  • 80 recipes for cooking and baking with nuts
  • 13 nut factsheets on the nutritional physiology as well as ecological, economic and social backgrounds of each nut
  • Creative regional plant-based cuisine with that crunchy extra kick
  • The recipes are all gluten-free convertible
  • A cookbook that encourages the rediscovery of nuts in modern everyday cooking
Book cover of "Tu was! Spontan Vegan" by Estella Schweizer

Tu was! Spontan vegan
(only available in German)

My first cookbook for climate-friendly, vegan and gluten-free cuisine was published in 2020 in collaboration with Greenpeace Media Edition. It is available online at Greenpeace Magazine Department Store and also for pre-order in bookstores everywhere.

Let's cook together regionally and seasonally - with lots of joie de vivre and completely without substitute products.

What to expect:

  • 75 new and varied recipes for beginners and professionals
  • Practical tips on environmentally conscious and climate-friendly nutrition
  • Stock cooking and sustainable shopping - perfect for everyday life in the home office
  • Quick and easy recipe ideas promise little work and lots of enjoyment
  • Exciting ingredients and spices provide variety in everyday kitchen life
  • Everything from breakfast to dessert - for couples, singles and families
Book cover of "Süße Welt! Vegan" by Estella Schweizer

Süße Welt! Vegan
(only available in German)

My second book in the Greenpeace Media Edition is about sweet vegan cuisine. "Sweet World Vegan" was published in 2021 and combines favorite recipes from all over the world - of course implemented with purely plant-based ingredients. This book is also available online at Greenpeace Magazine Department Store and can also be pre-ordered in bookstores everywhere.

We bake together around the world - with lots of sweet passion for extraordinary moments of pleasure.

What to expect:

  • 80 beloved sweet classics from all over the world - vegan
  • With everyday ingredients made by hand and lovingly prepared
  • A detailed introduction to vegan baking with the most important basic recipes
  • A gluten-free variation on almost all recipes
  • A whole chapter of know how about alternatives to wheat and spelt and my gluten-free flour blends
  • Lots of practical tips and tricks from everyday life in the bakery
  • Creative reinterpretations of some classics that seemed too boring for me "purely in vegan".