Foodservice and catering consultant
for vegan menu composition and plant-based meals

My consulting services are aimed at restaurateurs, hoteliers and companies.

I advise and accompany teams in the change process and impart important background knowledge.

It is not only for climate, ecological and social reasons that it is absolutely necessary to make food offers more "plant-based". The economic advantages are also tempting.

Climate-friendly, plant-based nutrition is no longer a "trend," but has become the marketing tool for hosts of the future.
A third of people in German-speaking countries eat "flexitarian" and already prefer creative vegetable cuisine. They are aware of their (co-)responsibility and are open-minded about new culinary discoveries.

Gastronomy of the future must be able to meet this demand.

Good reasons for offering vegan food:

  1. In the pursuit of climate balance, implementing a purely vegetable kitchen is the most efficient balancing measure.
  2. It allows guests and coworkers to promote generationally sustainable practices.
  3. every third guest is already a flexitarian and therefore open-minded and curious about plant-based cuisine
  4. plant-based products comply with HACCP more easily than animal-based products
  5. plant-based cuisine is more economical than luxurious meat cuisine
  6. creative vegetable dishes and changing weekly dishes provide valuable content for placement on the net
  7. more visibility through innovation! If you start now, you are still a pioneer and trendsetter in the gastronomy and hotel scene.

Many guests nowadays also attach great importance to the use of regional products, others choose restaurants, hotels and cafés depending on what they offer for allergy sufferers.

Sustainability in gastronomy should not be a new marketing tool, but a significant contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gases and a contribution to environmental protection.

My expertise as a gastronomy coach

Thanks to my experience in the restaurant business and the catering industry, I am very familiar with the demands made on the everyday work of gastronomes.

You will also benefit from my background in nutritional medicine with regard to the development of menu offerings for allergy sufferers.

My coaching services for the restaurant and hotel industry include:

  • Kick-off event with keynote and open discussion to get the team on board
  • joint analysis of the initial situation
  • consultation regarding the individual focus of the respective business - alignment and focus of the menu
  • joint analysis of the guest clientele
  • drawing up a profile of requirements based on the kitchen organization
  • selection of recipes for the new menu
  • recipe development
  • Team coaching on site

Ready for a change?

Together we develop enjoyable food and menu sequences with a taste kick for your climate-friendly cuisine of tomorrow.
In doing so, my creations are always plant-based, regional whenever possible, oriented to seasonal crop rotation and, wherever feasible, garbage-free.

I look forward to your request!.