Estella Schweizer
Simply delicious cooking

Hello, I am Estella Schweizer and I would like to inspire you with simple and delicious recipes for a plant-based, regional and seasonal cuisine.

Because this not only serves our health, but also protects our planet.

I support you to eat responsibly with ease and joy and to feel healthier, fitter and more carefree.

From me you get detailed advice, my accumulated knowledge and lots of ideas and inspiration.

You are at the right place if you...

  • want to protect our planet and care about the climate and the environment
  • you like to surprise your guests with delicious and original dishes
  • are a lover of taste and like variety in your daily kitchen routine
  • have questions about the health advantages and disadvantages of a plant-based diet
  • are looking for simple solutions for cooking at work and in the home office

Estella Schweizer stands for healthy, mindful and sustainable nutrition.

At the age of 10, I already started to deal with the topic of nutrition in all its facets. I devoted every free minute to cookbooks, nutrition guides, texts about nutritional justice, sustainability and environmental protection.
I "absorbed" everything I could get my hands on about food and its origins.

That's how I discovered my passion for plant-based cooking. I wrote my first cookbook back then for my youngest brother.

Cooking, baking and nutrition are my passion and calling.
And have since become my profession.

The scientific basis of my work, originates from my studies in human medicine. Which I followed up with and education in occupational therapy.

In 2015, on my YouTube food blog, “Spontaneous Vegan,” I practiced standing behind the camera and recording a mini cooking show. In the same year I became manager, baker, cook and the good soul of the Taracafé in Regensburg.

In 2017, I took the advanced training to become a Plant Based Chef & Nutritionist with Sebastian Copien, Niko Rittenau and Boris Lauser at the Plant Based Institute.

Since then I have been active as an Agent for Applied Indulgence in a wide variety of kitchens and now support cafés, restaurants and hotels with my knowledge and expertise as an ambassador for climate-friendly cuisine.

With my coaching and course offerings, I support everyone who wants to integrate climate-friendly cuisine into their everyday life. You can find more information at Coaching & Courses.

Under Gastro-Consulting you will find my individualized offer for professional caterers, school kitchens and canteens. Are interested in an individual collaboration with me? Write me an email with your request now!